Mike Moeller, Michael Bornhutter, Steffan Jung

directed by

Alex Padrutt



A well meaning fighter with a short fuse, finds himself drawn into the world of underground martial arts fighting. By streaming the fights on the internet, fight promoters dodge the law and make huge profits while Mike's fan-base grows. As Mike wins fight after fight, his fame begins to cast shadows of doubt. Is Kung Fu Master Li a friend or a foe? Does Mike's estranged father seek him out to truly make amends or cash in on his sudden fame? After Mike is stabbed in a fight gone wrong, he comes under the care of a beautiful nurse and the spiritual guidance of Li, who influences Mike to channel his energy in a positive direction and quit fighting once and for all. With huge profits at stake, the promoters send one fighter after another to ambush Mike -- who soon finds out his life is on the line for the entertainment of the same fans who made him famous in the first place.


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